Michael Jordan


The adults who work in Michael Jordan Class this year are:

  • Miss Gainey – Teacher
  • Mrs Wakefield – Trainee Teacher
  • Miss Kinsey – Teaching Assistant

    This year we are going to find out about the lives of outstanding people in the past and present.

‘All of these outstanding people have achieved incredible things, yet each began life as a child with a dream.’

Our class is named after the iconic basketball superstar, Michael Jordan. Over the course of the year we will find out more about Michael Jordan and why he is an outstanding person. 


Where the Wild Things Are

by Maurice Sendak

This half term we are using the text, ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. Over this half term, we will immerse ourselves in this portal story. Then we will independently write a non-chronological report and our own portal stories. Check back soon to see our amazing writing!


Multiplication and Division

In this unit we will find double and half of amounts of money, use repeated addition, fractions of a quantity, explore arrays, division as sharing and division as grouping.

Below is our unit overview.

Unit 15



Everyday Materials

This half term we are studying everyday materials. We will identify everyday materials and distinguish between an object and the material from which it is made. Check back to see the results of our experiments.


Reading Eggs

Your child will be expected to complete their reading homework on Reading Eggs three times per week.

If you need your child’s details, please send Miss Gainey a message on Class Dojo. 


Your child will be expected to complete their maths homework on NumBots three times per week.

If you need your child’s details, please send Miss Gainey a message on Class Dojo. 


Your child will receive new phonics links on Class Dojo each week. Your child will bring home their phonics reading book every Friday; please encourage your child to read with a ‘Storyteller Voice’ when they are reading. Your child will also bring home ‘Speedy Green Words’ every Monday; please encourage them to read as many words as possible in 1 minute every night. 


Learning in Year 1G

Please click on the arrows to see some of our amazing work. 

Read to Write

Grandad's Island by Benji Davies

For the first part of our Read to Write unit this term, the Children will be writing their own return narrative . For the second part of our unit, the children will be writing an information text. 

Throughout this unit, the children will focus on:
-Apostrophe for possession

-Different sentence types, including questions and exclamatory

-Noun phrases

-Suffix 'ly', 'est' and 'er'




We use Read Write Inc (RWI) to teach phonics at Banks Road. Click here to see the RWI Parent Guide.


Click on the link to see LetterJoin. Please see your child’s class teacher if you need the log in details.  


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