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Curriculum Overview

At Banks Road Primary School we offer our pupils a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum which meets the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and the National Curriculum. It enables all pupils to reach their full potential and prepares them for their future success.


Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum intent is to develop caring and responsible citizens who:

  • are secure in their values and beliefs;
  • respect others;
  • recognise responsibilities in a global community
  • have a sense of worth, purpose and personal identity;
  • make informed choices;
  • can handle conflict;
  • have critical and enquiring minds;
  • can communicate well with a wide vocabulary;
  • are able to learn independently and with others;
  • gain knowledge in all curriculum areas;
  • are creative and resourceful;
  • work co-operatively;
  • develop problem solving skills;
  • use and apply and transfer skills to differing situations;
  • are confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives;
  • can relate to others and form good relationships;
  • know how to sustain and improve the environment and take into account the needs of present and future generations when making choices;
  • are confident to take risks

Monitoring, evaluation and assessment

The leadership team monitor the progression, continuity and effectiveness of the curriculum.

Staff lead areas of the curriculum and contribute to the curriculum aspects of the School Strategic Development Plan by monitoring, evaluating and reviewing their focus areas.

Pupils are assessed at the start and end of every topic/theme against age related expectations (milestones). Assessment for learning (AFL) is a key aspect and forms a large part of our daily teaching; we use this to inform next steps whilst working through a topic/theme.

  • Curriculum objectives underpin our planning. We include the development of knowledge and skills to ensure progression and depth of learning.
  • Teachers’ specialist skills, knowledge and expertise are also used to enrich and shape the curriculum.
  • Teachers endeavour to design learning which is meaningful, relevant and exciting for the children.

We deliver this by:

  • Equipping children with skills for life; teaching discrete skills in English, Maths and Computing and applying these skills throughout the curriculum;
  • Ensuring the learning environment is high quality and promoting independent learning;
  • Ensuring a broad and balanced curriculum – celebrating all subjects.
  • Ensuring progression by building on what children already know through the use of assessment techniques;
  • Bringing learning to life by creating ‘wow’ moments through real life experiencesvisits, visitors, theme days and high quality resources; 
  • Listening to pupil voice and involving pupils in planning and decision making;
  • Involvingparents/carers in learning;
  • Developing the aptitudes and growth mindset needed for learningand supporting our pupils to become resourceful, responsible, reflective, resilient and reasoning.
  • Developing a sense of community and belonging, contributing and working with our local community and global community.
Foundation Stage
  • Our foundation stage curriculum is guided by the EYFS Guidelines and principles. All topics covered by foundation link progressively with those taught across school.

 Each term all class teachers devise a Curriculum Flyer to inform parents and carers what their child will be learning. These Flyers can be found on your child’s class page.


We value the diversity of individuals within the school. All children have equal access to the curriculum and are treated fairly regardless of gender, race, religion or abilities.

Tel: 0151 427 4360 | Email: | Office Manager: Mrs N McGee
Twitter: @BanksRoadSch | Headteacher: Mrs L Gibson

Banks Road, Garston, Liverpool, L19 8JZ