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At Banks Road we teach our English curriculum using the Literacy Counts, Read to Write Scheme. These units of work are adapted to meet the needs of our children and inspire our children though high quality literature. All year group immerse themselves in a new ‘vehicle text’ each half term; this vocabulary-rich text drives the children’s learning and hosts a wealth of writing opportunities across the curriculum.

Read to Write


Our children are hooked into the ‘vehicle text’ using props, drama and character role play. This section of learning is vital to engage children in the learning for the whole unit. We also spend 30 minutes daily immersing the children in the language through shared reading lessons.


In this section of the unit the children will learn to identify specific writing techniques in a ‘model text’; this supports children to meet the requirements of the end goal independent task.


This stage allows the children to build on their learning and demonstrate this when planning their independent writing.


During the final stage of learning, daily modelled and guided writing takes place. Children then have the opportunity to apply their writer skills and knowledge to independently write, draft, revise and edit and piece of writing.

Vehicle Texts


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