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History Subject Lead: Mrs Dornan

History in Primary Schools

Pupils are expected to develop an awareness of the past and how it differs from the present. They learn about changes in their own lives and those of their family, as well as about people living long ago. We use a range of resources to inspire pupils including: artefacts, photographs, books and computing programmes.

As part of their history work the children at Banks Road are encouraged to visit places of interest such as Chester, Liverpool Museum and Speke Hall.

We are continuing to develop our History curriculum to make it as exciting as it can be. Remember to keep visiting our web page to see what your child is up to in History this year!

History Curriculum

Our history curriculum has been designed to fit our school and our pupils. We have thought very carefully about the topics we have chosen to ensure children have a deep understanding of history. We also have a big focus on local history, we think it is important for our children to learn about the amazing history of our wonderful city. 

Across all of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, we have two main themes: Transport and Democracy and Rule. When teaching these topics we always make connections with what children have already learnt. 

Spring Topics

Below are the topics that each year group cover in the Spring Term. If you’re at home, why not try and create some work to go with the topic. This could be art, writing or anything you can imagine!


Year 1

Year 1


Year 2

The Gunpowder Plot

Year 3

The Beatles

Year 4

Ancient Egypt

Year 5

Anglo-Saxons and Scots

Year 6

WW2 and Liverpool

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