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The children in Reception have been working exceptionally hard at home and in school.

I am so proud of you all!

Keep up the good work,

Miss Smyth 

Who is Jean-Michel Basquiat?

Jean-Michel Basquiat was born on 22nd December 1960.
He lived in Brooklyn, New York!
He loved Brooklyn Museum, it was his favourite place to visit as a child.
In his adult life he became an artist celebrating his Haitian and Puerto-Rican descent.

Curriculum Information

In Reception we follow the EYFS curriculum. It is made up of PRIME areas and SPECIFIC areas:

The Prime areas are:

In this area we support children in developing their self-esteem, confidence and independence. We learn to play together, take turns and share.

In this area we support children to develop their listening, comprehension and speaking skills. We learn to take turns in conversation and remember what other have said and we enjoy listening to lovely stories, we sing lots of songs and nursery rhymes too.

In this area we support children to develop their large and small motor skills such as climbing, running and balancing as well as using tools such as scissors and pencils. We also develop our self help skills and develop independence in dressing and taking care of ourselves.

The Specific areas are:-

In this area we learn about nature and the world around us, we learn about traditions in our lives and those of other people. We use technology for a range of purposes to support us in our learning too.

In this area we explore lots of ways to be creative. We explore colours, textures and a wide range of different media to show our thoughts and feelings. This may be through paint, blocks, music, dance, technology or role play.

Our focus is around enjoying lots of lovely stories and rhymes. We work hard on developing our ability to hear and differentiate sounds in the environment.

We incorporate a whole school Talk4Writing approach where children learn stories through story mapping. From this they will develop their writing skills and find an ability to innovate and create their own stories.

In this area we use a Maths Mastery approach to learning through incorporating lots of practical activities that help consolidate learning in young children. We will learn how to develop full answers with good explanation and reasoning techniques.

Read to Write:

The Storm Whale:

For the first part of our Read to Write unit this term, the Children will be writing their own Friendship story. For the second part of our unit, the children will be writing poetry. 

Throughout this unit, the children will focus on:
-Letter formation
-Separation of words with spaces
-Capital letters
-Personal pronoun – I
-Full Stops

Welcome to Jean-Michael Basquiat class!

Reception 1


Teacher: Miss L Smyth

Miss Smyth - Class Teacher

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Anyiam

Miss Anyiam - Teaching Assistant

1-1 Teaching Assistant: Miss R Davies

Miss R Davies - 1-1 Teaching Assistant

Reading at Banks Road


At Banks Road, reading is our whole school priority and it is important for Reception to be exposed to a variety of words and acquire good phonic knowledge before moving to Year 1. 

Homework – Reading eggs: 

Please read daily with your child, use the reading resources in your individual reading packs, encourage reading for pleasure and access Reading Eggs regularly to help develop your child’s reading.

Jean-Michel Basquiat Artwork

Home Learning Pictures: 

Maths Mastery Curriculum Map for Spring and Summer Term:

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