No Outsiders

Why do we teach No Outsiders as part of our PSHE curriculum?

At Banks Road we aim to:

  • teach children about the Equality Act 2010 and British Values
  • reduce vulnerability to radicalisation and extremism
  • prepare children for a life in modern Britain
  • teach children to be proud of who they are while recognising and celebrating difference and diversity
  • develop resilience in children
  • create a positive school ethos where everyone feels they belong

Year 3 recorded something that makes us unique in private and added it to our difference jar. Our difference jar will stay in the Year 3 classroom to remind us that we all have differences to be proud of!

Nursery children are working hard to make their own decisions and tell adults and peers the things that they like.

“I choose pizza because I like the sauce” ES

“I choose cake because I love cake” DK

“I would like to eat a sandwich because I love cheese on them” SS

“I choose chocolate because my Mummy likes chocolate” SR

“I want apple because I like apples” JG

“I would choose chicken because I like to eat it in my belly” PW

“I choose pancakes because they are lovely” CL

“I choose Gingerbread Man; I just want to” LB

“I want to choose jelly because I have jelly in my home” JF

“I choose Gingerbread Man because I can eat his hands and his feet” IMS

“I choose a pink cupcake, I like pink strawberry cupcake” NH

“I would choose ice cream because I love it so much” LT

We talked about all friends having a turn, and how this was fair. It wouldn’t feel very good if we missed our turn. We realised that some of chose similar things and some of us chose differently. It is OK to like different things, that’s what makes us so special!

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