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Welcome to our Nursery class inspired by the artist Georgia O’Keeffe.

Our children blossom and grow on their nursery journey at Banks Road, as do the beautiful flowers painted by Georgia O’Keefe.

Home Learning Pictures:



Our class teachers are:

Mrs Holmes

Mrs Halliday.

Our teaching assistant is:

Mr Morrisey

Read to Write Unit: Sharing a Shell

This term the children will immerse and analyse the text ‘Sharing a Shell’.  

The theme of the story is sharing and friendship. It is written by Juila Donaldson and the children will explore rhythm and rhyme. 


Useful Information

Some important things to remember when your child starts in Nursery are:

– we play outside lots of the time so please make sure your child has appropriate clothing (wellies and waterproof coats.)
– please make sure you put your child’s name in all their clothes (including coats etc)
– playing can sometimes be messy so send in a change of clothes to keep on their pegs, and don’t be surprised if they do get messy as that means they have had a busy, exciting day and learned lots !
Things you can do to help your child be ready for school
– support your child as much as possible to get themselves dressed (coats and shoes especially)
– share stories and sing songs
– practice counting in real life (going up the stairs, getting plates out etc)
– spend time playing outside (splashing in puddles, looking for changes in nature etc)
-make sure your child has a good bedtime routine, if they sleep well they will learn well !
Experiences your child will have –
Lots of time to play indoors and outside, with well planned opportunities to learn.
Time to work with their key person, learning new things.
Chances to go out and about to have new experiences in the local environment


Our Curriculum

In Nursery we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. This has PRIME and SPECIFIC areas of learning.

The Prime areas are:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

In this area we support children in developing their self esteem, confidence and independence. We learn to play together, take turns and share.

Communication and Language

In this area we support children to develop their listening, comprehension and speaking skills. We learn to take turns in conversation and remember what others have said and we enjoy listening to lovely stories, we sing lots of songs and nursery rhymes too.


Physical Development

In this area we support children to develop their large and small motor skills such as climbing, running and balancing as well as using tools such as scissors and pencils. We also develop our self help skills and develop independence in dressing and taking care of ourselves.

We also work on 4 Specific Areas of Learning. These are…

Read to Write

Grandad's Island by Benji Davies

For the first part of our Read to Write unit this term, the Children will be writing their own return narrative . For the second part of our unit, the children will be writing an information text. 

Throughout this unit, the children will focus on:
-Apostrophe for possession

-Different sentence types, including questions and exclamatory

-Noun phrases

-Suffix 'ly', 'est' and 'er'



Expressive Arts and Design

In this area we explore lots of ways to be creative. We explore colours, textures and a wide range of different media to show our thoughts and feelings. This may be through paint, blocks, music, dance, technology or role play.

Understanding of the World

In this area we learn about nature and the world around us, we learn about traditions in our lives and those of other people. We use technology for a range of purposes to support us in our learning too.


Maths in nursery is very practical and based on the world around us. We learn to count, recognise and order numbers and to perform simple calculations but all in a practical and playful way. We learn about time, shapes, length, capacity and weight too – again all through using our well planned resources to play and learn at the same time.


Our focus is around enjoying lots of lovely stories and rhymes, we work hard on developing our ability to hear and differentiate sounds in the environment as this will support us in learning phonics later on.

We spend lots of time developing pre writing skills through large and small motorwork such as using spades and brushes outside and malleable materials and tweezers inside. We also give the children lots of chances to explore mark making for real purposes.

We incorporate a whole school Talk 4 Writing approach and in nursery will develop children’s story telling and mapping through imitation and innovation.

We will also use some key vehicle texts to teach books skills, vocabulary and opportunities for shared reading and writing.

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Twitter: @BanksRoadSch | Headteacher: Mrs L Gibson

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