Hello, everybody!

If you have to stay at home, we will post lessons from lots of different places. You can find links to the pages you need to go to below!

  • Oak National Academy – click on the logo above to go straight to the Reception resources. There are lessons for English, Maths, PSHE, PE, History, Spanish, Science, Geography and Art!
  • If you are unsure what lessons to do, don’t worry. We will tell you which lessons we would like you do and post these on Seesaw.

  • Ruth Miskin’s Read Write Inc online phonics lessons on YouTube – click on the logo above to to straight to the Read Write Inc YouTube page. There are daily phonics lessons here; delivered in exactly the same way we teach phonics at Banks Road.
  • If you are unsure what lessons to do, don’t worry. We will post the lessons directly onto Seesaw for you to follow.

  • Mathematics Mastery lessons and online resources – click on the logo above for some great maths resources. We use Mathematics Mastery at Banks Road to teach all of our maths so the worksheets will look very familiar to you.
  • We also post additional maths resources on Seesaw for you to complete.

  • Literacy Counts online resources – LiteracyCounts have put together materials to support home learning. Parents can sign up to get access to the free resources and will receive weekly emails to support you at home.
  • Teachers have also signed up and will post work onto Seesaw if they

  • We will also be using Zoom to deliver real time, face-to-face lessons, if we have to send people home to work. Zoom is a free learning platform. Teachers will send children invites to join a Zoom on Seesaw.

Tel: 0151 427 4360 | Email: banksroad-ao@banksroad.liverpool.sch.uk | Office Manager: Mrs N McGee
Twitter: @BanksRoadSch | Headteacher: Mrs L Gibson

Banks Road, Garston, Liverpool, L19 8JZ