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Science at Banks Road

“At Banks Road, we enjoy learning through practical activities.”





In Nursery, children have been helping their friend Marvin solve a problem. He was trying to make a nest of leaves, twigs and berries and managed to get them stuck in ice! We set about trying to get them out for him. We used tools such as a red handled saw and a hand drill to cut our way through the ice. It was very important that we all wore our safety goggles. Mrs Holmes and Mr Morrisey observed excellent resilience and perseverance when using various tools to reveal items over a sustained period of time.


In Reception, we have been using our creative areas and linking this to our current Talk For Writing story, Jack Frost. First we explored seasonal change and looking first signs of autumn. Then we explored different states of matter; we observed what happened to ice as in room temperature.

Key Stage 1

Year One

In Year 1B, we have started learning about day and night. We have created shadows and discussed how they are made.

Year 2C

Year 2C have learnt about keeping our bodies healthy. We have made and named germs with different symptoms and, of course, treatments

Year 2S

We have been measuring the weather in different ways in Year 2S. We have compared the weather by different temperatures, wind speed and rainfall.

Key Stage 2

Year 3

Year 3 went spent the day at Liverpool University taking part in a range of scientific experiments, including looking at living things underneath the microscopes to discussing taxidermy.

We didn’t believe that there was no green ink in a green felt tip pen, so we tried a chromatography experiment. We couldn’t believe the results…

Do you know what fruits float and what fruits sink? We predicted and then tested the density of different fruits. 

Year 4

Year 4 went on a class trip to the Catalyst Science Discovery Centre in Widnes. The children were able to explore science and technology behind the chemical industry. Some of our favourite activities were:

  • Using a Van De Graaff generator to make our hair stand up.
  •  Using thermal imaging cameras to show thermal energy.
  •  Looking at the pictures taken deeper into space using Infra-red light.

Year 5

In Year 5, we have been learning about sound. We have recognised that sounds are produced when something vibrates. This week we are trying to find patterns between the pitch of a sound and the features of the object that has produced it. 

Year 6
In Year 6 we have made musical instruments and learnt how different sounds have different pitch based on the vibrations and the design of the instrument. We focused on independent and dependent variables to try and improve our designs.
We also investigated how sound travels – the children learnt sound travels through three states of matter. 

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