Speech Language and Communication Needs (SLCN)

At Banks Road Primary School we recognise that the development of speech, language and communication skills is a fundamental part of a child’s development. All staff have been trained in communication and language development. This training and support is reviewed as part the schools monitoring and evaluation cycle. The whole school staff have been trained by specialist external SLCN professionals as well as the SENCO.

In addition, we commission at speech and language therapist from MAST. Her name is Alix Heron and she works in school each week. She works very closely with the SENCO to ensure that the needs of pupils with speech, language and communication needs are met across the school. There are a number of ways in which Alix works with the school and the staff including;

  • Contributing to the development of skills and competency of staff and how to support the children with their speech and language needs.
  • Liaising with parents
  • The diagnosis and assessment of specific communication difficulties to inform intervention planning
  • Facilitating therapy programmes, including speech, language and communication groups
  • Providing therapy for identified children
  • Developing intervention plans and monitoring targets
  • Promoting strategies to support all children with their speech and language development
  • Liaising with education and other health professionals

Alix also leads staff in EYFS to carry out the WellComm assessments and interventions in EYFS. The aim is to promote and develop communication skills in all children. Alix monitors and supports the intervention programmes once they are in place.


Merseyside Autism and Speech Therapy (MAST) are an independent specialist therapy service. They work with the staff at Banks Road Primary School to provide a range of therapy services within the school setting, such as; assessments, advice, therapies and training.

We also work closely with NHS Speech and Language Therapy based at Alder Hey.

Some children who work with MAST have also been referred and are seen by Alder Hey Speech and Language Therapists. These professionals work together to meet the needs to each child on a case-by-case basis.


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